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What can Shaffer Genetics do for you?

  • Shaffer Genetics can provide our Chinese partners with the highest quality genetics in the world from our partner farms in China. The genetics are equal to our American raised genetics.

  • Provide NSR synchronized breeding service to qualified Chinese swine farms so as to produce and provide the Chinese market with equal to US genetics right in China. This is accomplished by bringing American-style production, technology and genetic selection to our CHinese partners. The Chinese partners will become a NSR China member, the boars and gilts will carry a pedigree from the US National Swine Registry (NSR) office.

  • Provide employee training, American-style production practices, genetic selection training and sales team training through consulting agreements with Shaffer Genetics.

Clyde Shaffer Jr., CEO

China Office
Shaffer Genetics Swine Services
Suite 1509 Kam Rueng Plaza
238 Beijing Road
Yue Xiu District
Guangzhou, China

Eddie Tang, President (China)