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Shaffer West Boar Stud

"Quality Control is #1!"

The Shaffer West lab uses a Computer Assisted Semen Analysis (CASA) machine, when processing each semen dose. The CASA system provides accurate analysis of concentration, motility, progressive motility, morphology and other semen quality parameters. This removes the traditional subjective analysis of the technician and creates more accurate, uniform semen doses. It won't allow a dose of semen to be processed if it is below 70% motility the day of collection.

We use Androstar Extender which is made in Germany by Minitube International. The link below talks about the Quality Control Procedures of Minitube when making our extender.


The Shaffer Duroc Terminal Program excels in growth, yield, #1 's out the door (durability), meat quality and a vigorous pig in the farrowing crate. Our composite boars excel in feed efficiency, cutability and durability.

We deliver to all of Indiana, most of Illinois, Western Ohio, Southern Michigan, Southern Minnesota, Iowa, South Dakota, and Nebraska.

Our delivery fee is $25 - $45, depending on location.

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Shaffer West Boar Stud houses 250 A.I. Quality Boars.