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About Us

Shaffer Genetics is a family owned company that was established in 1965 by Clyde and Virginia Shaffer with two Duroc sows and a dream of becoming a seed stock supplier for their neighbors. From those humble early years, they developed the business into a thriving Genetic Company, which sold to customers in the Indiana, Ohio and Illinois area. Then in 1997, Clyde and Sandra Shaffer took over the reins of the company and have expanded the reach of Shaffer Genetics to not only the Eastern Corn Belt by now to the Western Corn Belt states of Iowa, South Dakota, Minnesota and Nebraska. In 2013 Shaffer Genetics expanded into the Chinese market with Genetic and production services. Shaffer Genetics now has Clyde Shaffer III, Josh Shaffer, Cassandra Irwin and Jordan Shaffer back at the farm helping us make the transition to the 3rd generation at Shaffer's.

Shaffer Genetics has 1,200 sows in Nucleus and F1 gilt production plus two boar studs. The Shaffer West boar stud is located in Albany, Indiana and the I.G.T.C boar stud is located in Ankeny, Iowa.

Shaffer Genetics is very proud to be a family owned business, but we are also very committed to being a data driven Genetics Company that utilizes a comprehensive genetic approach, including DNA technology in conjunction with the NSR STAGES BLUP genetic platform. We strive hard every day to provide our clients with the personalized services of a family business plus a state of the art product that you would expect from your Genetic Company.

In closing, Shaffer Genetics was here to serve your needs over the last 50 years and we will be here to meet your needs for the next 50 years. The one thing we know for certain is that change will always be with us and if you let us be your Genetic supplier we will help you and your farm meet those changes with a positive comprehensive approach.